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Randyqiu randyqiuxy at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 29 01:56:56 EDT 2009


  I have been in trouble with getting S_57 format(.000) files¡¯

 According to the article named ¡°OGR - Feature Style
<http://www.gdal.org/ogr/ogr_feature_style.html>  Specification¡±, I wanted
to get some information about ¡°drawing tools¡± such as color¡¢pen width by
using some functions as follows:

 OGRLayer::GetStyleTable ()¡¢OGRFeature::GetStyleString()¡¢OGRDataSource::

But they all returned nothing(0x000000) which means these functions were
useless and didn¡¯t get what I want .

Now, can you tell me the reason? Is it because I used the wrong function or
anything else? Can you give me an instance about getting the ¡°StyleString¡±
or ¡°drawing tools¡± information?

 Thanks, any suggestion or help will be appreciated!!!


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