[gdal-dev] Error message in reading as

Limei Ran lran at unc.edu
Mon Feb 2 15:05:23 EST 2009


I have a question about reading a grib image file.  I opened this file 
with GDALOpen to get the general information about the image.  Along 
the information I printed out, I also I got an error message and 
Warning: Inside GRIB2Inventory, Message # 2
ERROR: Ran out of file reading SECT0
There were 78 trailing bytes in the file.
        Driver: GRIB/GRIdded Binary (.grb)
        Size is 1500x800x1
        Origin = (-2996013.616997,5845025.240730)
        Pixel Size = (4000.000,4000.000)

Could you tell me what the warning and error messages are about?  Do 
they affect how I read the data in the image?



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