[gdal-dev] RasterIO vs progress bar

Oliver Eichler oliver.eichler at gmx.de
Thu Feb 5 16:00:20 EST 2009


Is there a way to get a progress when using RasterIO? Guess not ;) But it 
would be quite nice to have. Usually RatserIO is really fast, so you don't 
need it, but if you play with WMS access a feedback would be _really_ nice.

I know API changes suck. But is there any chance in future to pass a callback 
function pointer and a void pointer to RasterIO. The callback function will 
receive the progress and the void pointer. That should make C and C++ lads 
happy. A way to abort transaction would be nice, too.

I would really like to press on this topic, because I thing RasterIO is pretty 
neat and fast. I can get WMS access with just a few lines and it's quite the 
same as handling a file. I really appreciate that, however  without visual 
feedback on the download progress the normal user will get frustrated. And 
that would force me to re-implement all the magic. 

How is the chance to get this into GDAL?


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