[gdal-dev] Trying to clean up multiple GDAL installs

Even Rouault even.rouault at mines-paris.org
Sat Feb 7 16:42:53 EST 2009

I guess that the GDAL version that QGIS has brought in is located in /usr/bin 
for the binaries and in /usr/lib for the library.
You should probably begin by : apt-get remove libgdal* gdal-bin*
And check that there's no /usr/bin/gdal* or /usr/lib/libgdal*

Le Saturday 07 February 2009 20:33:50 Roger André, vous avez écrit :
> Ok, I admit it.  I was lured by the promise of what I didn't already have.
> I had a perfectly functional gdal install from source on my Ubuntu box.
> Then I went and installed Qgis using apt-get, which brought in a gdal
> package as well, and started to get errors like the one below.
> ogrinfo: symbol lookup error: ogrinfo: undefined symbol:
> _ZN10OGRFeature12DumpReadableEP8_IO_FILE
> I decided I'd rather have ogrinfo than Qgis, so I removed Qgis using
> "apt-get autoremove qgis".  This said that it removed some gdal stuff, but
> afterwards I still had the ogrinfo error.  I then went into my
> "/usr/local/gdal-1.5.2/" and did a "make clean".  I also deleted all "ogr"
> and "gdal" apps that were left in "/usr/local/bin".  I then built gdal from
> source again in the "/usr/local/gdal-1.5.2/" dir.  However, when I do a
> "ogrinfo --version" it tells me I'm using "GDAL 1.6.0" - and I still have
> the ogrinfo error.
> I've checked my "gdal-config" file and it says CONFIG_VERSION="1.5.2",
> which is correct.  So now I'm kinda scratching my head wondering what to
> delete next.
> Any hints, please?
> Thanks,
> Roger

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