[gdal-dev] Open source GIS cataloging software?

Even Rouault even.rouault at mines-paris.org
Wed Feb 11 17:22:10 EST 2009


Provided that you have some basic scripting/coding abilities, GDAL/OGR would 
certainly be able to solve your need. Python might be a good choice, as you 
can use the GDAL/OGR bindings. Or just use the C API.

For retrieving the boundings boxes:
Key API for raster part : gdal.Open(), Dataset.GetGeoTransform()
Key API for vector part : ogr.Open(), DataSource.GetLayer(), Layer.GetExtent()

OGR can also be used to create the output file.

The tutorials on gdal.org and gdal.org/ogr should be good starting points.

Le Wednesday 11 February 2009 22:50:18 Jonathan Greenberg, vous avez écrit :
> Sorry for the cross-posting.  I was wondering if anyone has a unix
> (preferably) or windows program that can spider a directory, recursively
> searching for raster and vector data, and create bounding box polygons for
> each raster/vector it finds, with attributes indicating the path-to-file.

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