[gdal-dev] FL.lla file not included in makefile.vc nadshift option

Martin Chapman mchapman at fortifiedgeospatial.com
Tue Feb 17 16:01:24 EST 2009



I noticed in the /src/makefile.vc for proj4 that the config entries for
nadshift is missing an entry for the FL.lla file.  I didn't know if this was
a big deal, but I thought it probably matters for datum shifts in Florida.
Anyway I thought you would want to know.  Also, I usually deploy the files
in the nad directory and set the path to them at runtime because it is my
understanding that these binary outputs are needed at runtime.  Is that
correct?  Also, could you briefly explain to me how they are used?


nadshift:   nad2bin.exe

      cd ..\nad

      ..\src\nad2bin.exe < conus.lla conus

      ..\src\nad2bin.exe < MD.lla MD

      ..\src\nad2bin.exe < TN.lla TN

      ..\src\nad2bin.exe < WI.lla WI

      ..\src\nad2bin.exe < WO.lla WO

      ..\src\nad2bin.exe < alaska.lla alaska

      ..\src\nad2bin.exe < hawaii.lla hawaii

      ..\src\nad2bin.exe < prvi.lla prvi

      ..\src\nad2bin.exe < stgeorge.lla stgeorge

      ..\src\nad2bin.exe < stlrnc.lla stlrnc

      ..\src\nad2bin.exe < stpaul.lla stpaul

      ..\src\nad2bin.exe < null.lla null

      cd ..\src


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