[Gdal-dev] GDAL 1.6 Java binding, Windows

Even Rouault even.rouault at mines-paris.org
Thu Feb 19 14:33:05 EST 2009

Hi Matt,

You'll have to build GDAL and the Java bindings from the latest daily snapshot 
of the SVN trunk head. You can download the source at 
(download the gdal-svn-trunk*.tar.gz or gdal-svntrunk*.zip at your 


Le Thursday 19 February 2009 20:27:55 Matthew Cole, vous avez écrit :
> Sure, I'd be happy to try them to make sure they don't break anything.
> Where would I get the updated version?
> Matt
> Matthew,
> For the record, I just commited yesterday in GDAL SVN trunk a substantial
> update to the java bindings I was mentionning. Now all necessary typemaps
> have been created, so it looks rather good (no more SWIGTYPE_p_* classes).
> I would be interested in having early feedback from people already using
> the Java bindings to check if I haven't broken existing API. It shouldn't
> hopefully (at least the 2 test applications still run against the
> bindings). It also adds methods with default argument values, for example
> ogr.Open(String filename) in addition to the full ogr.Open(String filename,
> int update). Some facilities that look more java'ish have been added, like
> String Geometry.ExportToWkt(), in addition to the existing int
> Geometry.ExportToWkt(String[] argout), etc. A previous commit already added
> support for progress callbacks in GDAL API.
> Best  regards

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