[gdal-dev] Converting from Lambert (LCC) to latlong/mercator

Brian Murray idlegod at gmail.com
Sat Feb 21 23:37:26 EST 2009

Hm, so maybe that value is correct.

1/0.000854993160055 is 1169.59999999961637120000, which would mean its
about 1px per km.

I think I found an issue even before I warp:
gdal_translate -of gtiff -CO TFW=YES -a_ullr -115 56 -105 54 -a_srs
"+proj=lcc +lat_0=56 +lon_0=-115 +lat_2=49.33 +lat_1=54.66 +x_0=0
+y_0=0 +datum=NAD27" n.tif nn.tif

Upper Left  (-115.0000000,  56.0000000) (115d 0'6.63"W, 56d 0'1.81"N)
Lower Left  (-115.0000000,  54.0000000) (115d 0'6.63"W, 56d 0'1.74"N)
Upper Right (-105.0000000,  56.0000000) (115d 0'6.05"W, 56d 0'1.81"N)
Lower Right (-105.0000000,  54.0000000) (115d 0'6.05"W, 56d 0'1.74"N)
Center      (-110.0000000,  55.0000000) (115d 0'6.34"W, 56d 0'1.78"N)

Apparently a_ullr isn't setting it correctly...

On Sat, Feb 21, 2009 at 9:17 PM, Wendy Fay Stevenson <stevensw at erau.edu> wrote:
> Hi
> Why not save it as a GIF or JPG and then give it to gdalwarp
> (with a world file)?  I think that if you specify a geotiff
> file gdalwarp would use the information inside the file.  So
> photoshop adding those tags could very well cause a problem.
> Remember, the pixel size is in the units of the projection, in
> this case meters.
> Wendy

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