[gdal-dev] Motion: GDAL/OGR 1.5.4 Release

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Jan 7 12:35:12 EST 2009


I have prepared a 1.5.4 release candidate and posted it to the download area:


The release NEWS is:

= GDAL/OGR 1.5.4 =

  * #2462 (HDF5): Fix SUBDATSET numbering from zero to from one.
  * #???? (PG): Fix crash on GetFeature(fid) where fid is invalid.
  * #2732 (JP2KAK): fix ycbcr to rgb converted images in DirectRasterIO
  * #2399 (JPEG2000): Fix handling of images with dimensions not multiple of 256
  * #2757 (CSV): Ignore .csvt files when opening a CSV datasource.
  * #2741 (gdaltindex): Fix handle, memory leak for skipped files.
  * #2724 (VRT): Honour INIT_DEST warp option for warped VRT files.
  * #2724 (VRT): Fix reading of nodata values from XML.
  * #2716 (HFA): Support reading 3rd order XFORMs.
  * #1242 (OGDI): Improve finding PROJ.4 include files for OGDI driver.
  * #2709 (GML): Treat feature class name tests as case sensitive.
  * #2708 (GML): Fix potential buffer overflow in parser.
  * #2688 (python): Fix win32 error handling crash.
  * #2445 (warper): Avoid divide by zero if source size is zero.
  * #2040 (NITF): Add support for RPC00A ordering.
  * #1866 (GPX/KML): Add support for building against expat 1.95.0 to 1.95.7
  * #2699 (GTiff): Avoid calling TIFFFreeDirectory() with old libtiffs.
  * #2690 (Interlis): Support GCC 4.4.
  * #2689 (MRSID): Fix overflow in window calc for very large files.
  * #2659 (SRS): Support Cylindrical Equal Area projections from EPSG.
  * #2474 (Shape): Support writing datetime fields in .dbf
  * #2681 (SRS): Support Mercator_2SP in ValidateProjection().
  * #2679 (JPEG2000): Fix FORMAT option support.
  * #2678 (SRS): Support EXTENSION nodes in WKT.
  * #2645 (GTiff): Fix creation of YCbCr JPEG compressed files.
  * #1484 (PGeo): treat type 50 geometries as SHPT_ARC.
  * #2642 (GTiff): Ensure zip/jpeg quality preserved over crystalize().
  * #1526 (S57): Corrections to handle double type 8211 attributes better.
  * #2629 (MRSID): 64 bit fix in metadata formatting.
  * #1983 (GRASS): Use G_free() instead of free.
  * #2237 (gdalgrid): fix nearest neighbour interpolation regression.
  * #2622 (GTiff): Add mechanism to split up large one block one bit files.
  * #2619 (PG): Allow VACUUM in ExecuteSQL() without a transaction.
  * #2609 (HDF4): Support building with HDF4.2r3.
  * #2615 (warper): Fix support for TPS transformer with negative coordinates.
  * #2428 (shape): Performan fix for organizePolygon() in one outer ring case.

Motion: To promote the GDAL 1.5.4 RC1 release candidate to be our official
GDAL 1.5.4 release.

Everyone is encouraged to test the release candidate and provide feedback.
I'd appreciate votes from PSC members after some testing.  If all goes well
the release could become official Friday afternoon.

Best regards,
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