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Smart, Gary Gary.Smart at Goodrich.com
Wed Jul 8 17:17:07 EDT 2009


OK - I have been coding c++ raster image display systems on Linux for
years now and long ago developed our own raster map display system based
on CADRG/ASRP files.  Our system effectively maps a huge raster image
space around the world and stitches together tiles from raster map files
as the user moves his view around the globe.


I wish to investigate and perhaps use the GDAL as a more generic map
reader.  However, having parsed some tutorial information and a few
example cpp files, I am none the wiser on how it works.


I need some pointers to some generic information/example c++ code which
can provide me with answers to the following sorts of questions?


1)       How to register map files with the GDAL.

2)       How to request areas of map to populate my raster output space
(and how do I ensure only compatible map sources are brought together)

3)       Are tiles of raster map extracted by specifying geo-space

4)       And a million more questions...


Can someone point me to some documentation which can put me in the
picture as to how a user might use the GDAL to display maps on the
screen (the fine details of actual rendering are not required - I just
need to know how to get the information from the input files in a common
display format) and perhaps some example code (e.g. to extract
rasterized tiles of a specific geo-area)?


Just some pointers for some reading are all that I'm after really.



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