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Thanks Craig, 


But perhaps you can give me a clue as to how to set up a WMS and
interface with it (or where some documentation may exist online)?

I got the impression the WMS was only driven from XML files?  I'm afraid
I still haven't got my head around what is a WMS and what is MapServer!



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Would it work for you to setup MapServer as a WMS, then use the GDAL WMS


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Still a newbee to this so forgive any daft questions.


In an answer to a previous question of mine, it was hinted (thank you
Even)  that I could possibly MapServer to return tiles of rasterised
maps for display using my display application.  From my initial studies,
MapServer seems to be aimed at HTML based applications.  However, I want
it to return tiles of imagery which I can render using my C++


Am I right in thinking that this must be done via XML, scripts and files
(e.g. I request a tile from the server (not sure how) and it returns a
rasterised map file which I could open via GDAL).


Really, I was hoping for a more direct API whereby I can generate a
server request directly from my C++ code and get the raster tile back
similar to the GDALDataSet::RasterIO call?


Any clues?




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