[gdal-dev] Shapefile spatial index and updates

Hugentobler Marco marco.hugentobler at karto.baug.ethz.ch
Fri Jul 31 08:42:09 EDT 2009

Hi gdal/ogr devs

In QGIS, there is a bug where updates to shapefiles are not displayed until the spatial index of a shapefile is recreated (http://trac.osgeo.org/qgis/ticket/1572).

It seems to me that OGR does not update the index automatically when calling e.g. OGR_L_CreateFeature and then OGR_L_SyncToDisk.

What I did is to check (in the ogr provider of qgis) if the shapefile already has an index file and, if yes, create a new spatial index. But this way, the whole index needs to be recreated, so I wanted to ask here on the list if you know about any more efficient and / or more elegant way to solve this problem.

Thanks for your help,

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