[gdal-dev] GDAL 1.6.1 RC1 Released

Ari Jolma jolma at cc.hut.fi
Sat May 9 09:09:10 EDT 2009

From: Even Rouault <even.rouault at mines-paris.org>
> The only serious issue I've found is that the Perl bindings don't 
> build. They 
> fail with the following error message:
> "
> perl Makefile.PL
> Building in GDAL distro tree
> GDAL version (1.6.1) and module version (1.6.0) do not match at 
> Makefile.PL 
> line 50.
> "
> I've identified that the GDAL version is hard coded to '1.6.0' in 
> swig/include/perl/gdal_perl.i. Bumping GDAL_VERSION to '1.6.1' in 
> it seems 
> sufficient to make the build go on, provided that the generated 
> files are 
> regenerated (namely swig/perl/lib/Geo/GDAL.pm). Likely, another 
> step to add 
> in our HOWTO-RELEASE process...

Thanks Even! I'm sorry for my negligence.

Some kind of automation could be implemented to pick the GDAL_VERSION
into gdal_perl.i I assume.

The version is there to be able to check against building the Perl
bindings against incompatible GDAL main.

> I've also noticed that the generated files in SVN for swig/perl are 
> clearly 
> out of date, but in your snapshot, you have regenerated them, right 
> ? 
> Probably a missing commit, but not a big deal if we decide to 
> delete them in 
> SVN finally.

I'm looking forward to that.


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