[gdal-dev] 1.6-esri to Trunk Merge

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed May 27 22:40:09 EDT 2009


I have created a personal branch of GDAL 1.6 in /sandbox/warmerdam/1.6-esri
which includes a large variety of ESRI local changes and that I plan to back
port various 1.7 features needed by ESRI for an upcoming release.

I have attempted to review the ESRI local changes - primarily represented by
a large changset (r17058) - and forward port appropriate ones in small
chunks with descriptions into trunk in the last week or so.  I prepared a
brief report on the activity for those who are interested.


I'm hoping to continue working on the items labelled Deferred, at some point,
likely in cooperation with ESRI staff.

This email is just a heads-up on recent activity, and to give anyone
interested a pointer to the report on the work.

Best regards,
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