[gdal-dev] Shapefiles & AVL files

David Staveley davidstaveley at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 09:36:39 EST 2009

Hi there,

I'm new to gdal/ogr, so please be kind.

I was using ogr2ogr to convert some geological shapefiles to kml, and found
I was just getting the geological areas outlined in red as a result, in
other words, it wasn't reading the ArcView Legend (AVL) files. Undeterred, I
wrote some code to read the AVL files and modify the resulting KML directly,
which worked fine.

I was wondering if it would be considered useful to have this functionality
in ogr2ogr, or whether AVL files are considered old hat now the files
formats have changed for later versions of ArcView? Is anyone working on
this already? My code only picks out the colours so far, but I could expand
it to read the other AVL codes.

I was reading through the code and the documentation for the "Feature Style"
classes, but they seem little used so far. Is this because it is new, or
because styles are seen as not important for the software?

I also saw some developer guidelines that say this :

"GDAL strives to be widely portable to 32bit and 64bit computing
environments. It accomplishes this in a number of ways - avoid compiler
specific directives, avoiding new, but perhaps not widely available aspects
of C++, and most importantly by abstracting platform specific operations in
CPL functions in the gdal/port directory."

Whilst it doesn't say it explicitely, does this mean that the use of the STL
is frowned upon? Would I have to convert my code from using STL for it to be
useful to the project?

That's a lot of questions for one post, so I'll stop there.

David Staveley
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