[gdal-dev] Help by merge jpg-files - gdal_merge

Jan Tappenbeck tappenbeck at widemann.de
Mon Nov 2 11:01:25 EST 2009

Hallo !

in my secound post for this mail a had a secound question about gdal_merge.

using following command:

gdal_merge -v -o c:\temp\outputfile.tif --optfile c:\temp\sfilelist.txt

and 16 jpg-filenames (size 4-5 mb) in sfilelist.txt i create a new file 
outputfile.tif with 2.3 gb !!!! a size unpractical to open in a viewer.

my job is to merge 500 files - is there a mistake i do in prinziple ????

i found the new file-size very big - because the resolution of the 
source jpg-files is 72 dpi !

can anybody help me ??

regards Jan :-)

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