[gdal-dev] Use string/stream as OGR datasource?

Ian Durkan ian.durkan at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 17:10:01 EST 2009


I’m new to ogr/gdal, so perhaps this is a silly question-regardless:

Using the C/C++ APIs for OGR, is there a way to use either text in a string
(char*, std::string, etc) or a C++ stream object as a data source for OGR?
I have GML documents in string format, and need to store the info they
contain in a PostGIS db.  I realize I can store the GML into a file and then
use the file as a data source but this seems relatively slow.

I’ve done some searching and turned up nothing so far.  Any help is

Ian Durkan ( ian.durkan <at> gmail.com )
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