[gdal-dev] Size of GeoTIFF stripes

Even Rouault even.rouault at mines-paris.org
Mon Nov 9 05:20:08 EST 2009

Selon Greg Coats <gregcoats at mac.com>:

> According to http://www.gdal.org/frmt_gtiff.html , for a .tif
> composed of stripes, rather than tiles, GeoTIFF defaults to setting
> the size of a strip to be 8K bytes. This default can be over ridden
> by using BLOCKYSIZE=n. When working with images > 200MB, 8K seems to
> be particularly small. On a computer with at least 2 GB RAM, is there
> any good reason not the set the size of the TIFF stripes to be 64 MB?
> Greg

A good reason I see for not setting too big TIFF stripes is fast access to small
samples in the file. If you just want to read one single pixel, reading 64 MB
can still take around 2 or 3 seconds depending on the storage medium, file
system, etc...

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