[gdal-dev] python bindings, no netcdf support

Hessel Winsemius h.c.winsemius at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 07:28:59 EST 2009

Dear all,

Recently I've started working with the python bindings of gdal on my windows
XP box at work. I have managed to install them and they work like a charm,
except one thing. I have bee trying to generate some maps in different
formats. I have tried Ascii/Arc grids, Geotiff, erdas imagine, with
gdal.CreateCopy. it all works, but not when I use NetCDF. In fact the whole
driver is not loaded when I use the commands listed below.

import gdal
from gdalconst import *
a = gdal.GetDriverByName('NetCDF')

I have a Mac os x box at home. There, NetCDF works perfectly!!

Does anyone know how to let the python bindings know that it should work
with the NetCDF driver as well? I have netcdf4-python installed by the way.

Hope anyone can help out. It is quite important that this works.

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