[gdal-dev] Problem to implement a new format

Vincent Honnet vincent.honnet at external.thalesgroup.com
Fri Nov 13 07:56:30 EST 2009


I'm trying to implement a new format for my GDal and I have some 
problems. For now I don't want to integrate it to the GDal source code 
but only in gdal_translate. I call the registering method just after the 
call to GDALAllRegister.
I implemented the Dataset methods Open, the RasterBand methods 
IReadBlock and IWriteBlock, the method GDalRegister_format where Open is 
given to poDriver->pfnOpen, CreateCopy to poDriver->pfnCreateCopy and 
Create to  and poDriver->pfnCreate and the driver is registered.
A request on the available formats on this version of GDal_Translate 
shows that the format is registered.
A convertion request from a GeoTiff to this format crashes in my method 
Open because the object GDALOpenInfo is wrong (pszFilename is a bad 
pointer for example). Moreover, my method CreateCopy is never called 
even if GDALCreateCopy is called.
The platform is Windows XP with GDal 1.6 and visual studio 2005 pro.

Did I forget something ?

Thanks a lot in advance,


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