[gdal-dev] "Minimalist" GDAL 1.6.2 / 1.6.3 binaries for Windows to work around Xerces binary conflicts?

Jason Roberts jason.roberts at duke.edu
Mon Nov 16 11:37:24 EST 2009

Greetings GDAL team,


The main GDAL download page
http://trac.osgeo.org/gdal/wiki/DownloadingGdalBinaries contains a link to
"minimalist" Windows executables for GDAL 1.6.0, built by Frank W when GDAL
1.6.0 was released. Is there any possibility you could offer similar
binaries of 1.6.2 or the upcoming 1.6.3?


The only other source of up-to-date GDAL Windows binaries I know of is
http://vbkto.dyndns.org/sdk/, maintained by Tamas S. These are great, but
unfortunately I cannot use them because they compile a GDAL driver or
plug-in that links with xerces-c, and my application loads GDAL in ArcGIS
and MATLAB processes that also link with xerces-c and there is a DLL
conflict. This issue came up at GDAL 1.6.0 release time and Frank agreed to
rerelease the minimalist 1.6.0 binaries without the Xerces dependency. See
http://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo4w/ticket/31 for more information about that.


It would be very helpful to me if you could release these minimalist Windows
executables with every GDAL bugfix release. I have been limping along on
1.6.0, waiting for 1.7.0 (when, presumably, minimalist binaries will be
released again), but I just hit a SWIG issue that causes parts of OGR in
1.6.0 to be incompatible with ArcGIS 9.3. This issue was fixed in SWIG
1.3.39. Using Tamas's 1.6.2 binaries built with SWIG 1.3.39, I verified that
the problem is resolved, but I can't use Tamas's binaries in my production
code due to the Xerces problem.


So, I am at the point that I will either have to start building minimalist
binaries 1.6.x myself or delay some new OGR-dependent functionality in my
app until 1.7.0 minimalist binaries are released (assuming they will be). I
can figure out how to build myself but I'm hoping that by raising this
Xerces issue again, you might be convinced that minimalist binaries are
important enough to release them with every bugfix release. What do you


Thanks very much for your consideration,




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