[gdal-dev] Saving changed raster data

vvv jjj vvvjjj0 at yahoo.co.in
Tue Nov 17 01:01:25 EST 2009


Im trying to save large image whose raster data is mostly changed and projection details are not altered. That is I'm trying to save the raster image with changed raster data using RasterIO to a new file. Im able to save the updated data correctly, but the time it took for changing is quite large when the input image format and output image format are different. That is when I tried to save an input img file to output img file it took far less time compared to saving input img file to output tif file (with raster data updated). Is this the expected behavior or did I missed anything. Kindly suggest me the better method to save the updated raster data to another file.

Thanks in advance.


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