[gdal-dev] CUDA PyCUDA and GDAL

Shaun Kolomeitz shaun.kolomeitz at derm.qld.gov.au
Wed Nov 18 16:46:15 EST 2009

I've heard a lot about the power of NVidia CUDA and am curious about
ways in which we could leverage off this to increase the performance of
1) Image Mosaics 2) Translates and 3) Image Reading/rendering
(especially highly compressed images).
I also see that there is pyCUDA as well. Both of which I am unsure how
(or if) you could use them to run (even portions of) GDAL ?

If anyone has any pointers it would be nice to know.

Many thanks,
Shaun Kolomeitz
Principal Project Officer
Business and Asset Services
Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service

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Water/Environmental Protection Agency integrated to form the Department
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