[gdal-dev] Is there a way to determine if my bands are interleaved?

tasmith3 at rockwellcollins.com tasmith3 at rockwellcollins.com
Thu Nov 19 14:01:29 EST 2009

TIFF is one type of data that I need to read in.  Some of the RGB images 
are pixel interleaved while others are planar (non-interleaved).  I was 
intending to use the GDALDataset::RasterIO function to read in my data, as 
I only need a buffer containing the entire image exactly as it exists on 
disk.  If I'm going to use GDALDataset::RasterIO, I need to know the 
offset between bands (it's the last parameter to the function).  That 
value is going to be different depending on whether or not the bands are 
interleaved.  If I was using libtiff, I could get the TIFF_TAG that told 
me how the data was organized, but how can I get that information with 
GDAL so I know how to fill in that last parameter to GDALDataset::RasterIO 

Or... is there a better way to do this altogether? 


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