[gdal-dev] Error glibc detected

Arnaud Vandecasteele arnaud.sig at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 03:32:49 EST 2009

Hi all,

In one of my application I want to create a Shapefile and populate it.
The aime is to read data from a netCDF file and transform them into Feature
of a ShapeFile.
It works fine for almost all fields but the script crash when I try to
calculate a field who depends of two others (like fields x = fields a +
fields b)
The error is :
*** glibc detected *** free(): invalid next size (fast): 0x0818a6b8 ***

So I must create the structure of the database, fill all the fields instead
the one who trow methe error and close the datasource.
After that I re-open my ShapeFile to fill the last fields. It works in that
way but it's not a clean way.

Did you already got this kind of error or do you know what I'm doing wrong?

Best Regards

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