[gdal-dev] driver question?

Even Rouault even.rouault at mines-paris.org
Sun Nov 22 13:17:23 EST 2009

The best solution would be that your partner delivers to you its driver 
A compiled as a separate GDAL plugin (for example, if the driver 
shortname is FOO : gdal_FOO.dll with an entry point GDALRegister_FOO()). 
You then just have to define GDAL_DRIVER_PATH to point to the directory 
where gdal_FOO.dll is. Be careful : you and your partner must use use 
the same major GDAL version (identical X if GDAL version is 1.X.Y)  to 
compile & run against, otherwise there is a risk of C++ ABI 
incompatibility. As far as your driver B is concerned, compiling it as a 
plugin or fully integrated in your GDAL source tree is just a matter of 

See http://trac.osgeo.org/gdal/browser/trunk/gdal/frmts/hdf5/makefile.vc 
for an example of a makefile with a plugin target.

gispowerfan a écrit :
> Hi
>          I want to ask a question about how to implement the driver 
> for gdal. Because the partner don't provide their driver source(driver 
> A) for gdal, but we need it and we have our own drivers(driver b) for 
> gdal. So the easy way is that we provide the source contain driver B 
> to our partner, and out partner add their source, then compile it, 
> give us the final dll. Now the question is that we need upate our 
> source frequently, are there other method? is if feasible that our 
> partner change their souce code and put the implement code into *.lib 
> and *.dll, just interface of driver A in frmts driver source?
> Best regards
> 2009-11-23
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> gispowerfan
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