[gdal-dev] Problem with readraster in C#

patsv patsv at bredband.net
Sun Nov 29 03:01:14 EST 2009

Hi,  I am trying to read GDEM data from the ASTER dataset.

But all I get is a buffer with zeroes, is there something wrong with my code
or is it something with the readraster function.


Part of my code:

       Band band = ds.GetRasterBand(1);

       short[] DEM = new short[band.XSize * band.YSize];


       CPLErr Ret = band.ReadRaster(0, 0, band.XSize,band.YSize, DEM,
band.XSize, band.YSize, 2, band.XSize * 2);

       if (Ret != CPLErr.CE_None)


                throw new Exception("Read error " + Ret.ToString());



As mentioned above all I get is a buffer filled with Zeroes.


Thanks for a good library.



Patrik Svensson




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