[gdal-dev] VSIFile from a string

Upendra Dadi udadi at gmu.edu
Mon Nov 30 08:51:58 EST 2009

  In reference to my previous post, one way I could solve my problem is to create a memory file from a c++ string which contains a Geotiff file.  Can anyone please tell how to create a memory file using a char array? How do I read from and write to memory files? Thanks.

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  Subject: [gdal-dev] reading geotiff data from STDIN

    Is it possible to read geotiff data from standard input(STDIN) and write to standard output (STDOUT) instead of reading from a file? I see the following in the documentation to GDALOpen():

  pszFilename the name of the file to access. In the case of exotic drivers this may not refer to a physical file, but instead contain information for the driver on how to access a dataset.

  What options does Geotiff driver have for pszFilename? If I want to modify Geotiff driver to read and write from STDIN and STDOUT respectively, which files should I be looking at? 

  Ability to do this might be useful if using GDAL in a Hadoop MapReduce job with streaming. Geotiff format could be the serialization format that MapReduce expects. If it is not already there, it might be useful to add this feature. It could make it a bit easier to use GDAL within a Cloud environment.  Thanks.



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