[gdal-dev] Version of lib HDF5 Included in Gdal 1.62

atubar atubar at 126.com
Tue Sep 1 12:39:27 EDT 2009

Hello, thanks for your help.
I check the release-1500-gdal-1-6-mapserver-5-4 package, and find out that gdal_HDF5.dll and gdal_HDF5Image.dll are under the folder \bin\gdal\plugins. To make HDF5 work well, these two dlls are essential, is it?
By the way, It seems that these two dlls are copied to that folder automatically by Makefile file under the root of release-1500-dev.
If I compile gdal 1.6.2 with lib hdf5 by myself, I should copy gdal_HDF5.dll and gdal_HDF5Image.dll manually?
Is there a way to do this automatically while compiling by myself?
And it seems that PLUGINDIR = $(BINDIR)\gdalplugins listed in nmake.opt of gdal is useless.

ÔÚ2009-09-01 21:34:24£¬"Tamas Szekeres" <szekerest at gmail.com> дµÀ£º

The automated builders at http://vbkto.dyndns.org:1280/sdk  use hdf5-1.8.2 but I suspect the recent stable version (1.8.3) would also work.
You could also download ready to use SDK packages from this location to compile gdal with hdf5 easily.

Best regards,

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