[gdal-dev] Motion: Commit access for Harsh Govind

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Sep 2 15:55:57 EDT 2009

Motion: Extent commit access to Harsh Govind.


PSC members,

Harsh reports:

I am a GIS Developer  at SPADAC Inc. and responsibilities include compiling and 
upgrading GDAL for our products. In the past 4+ years at SPADAC I have setup 
automated build process for compiling and building GDAL along with its SDE 
(multiple versions of ArcSDE) and OCI drivers as plug-ins and C# wrapper for 
.NET version of our product: Signature Analyst® (SA) [Details: 
http://www.spadac.com/SignatureAnalyst/]. The build process keeps debug and 
release versions separate so programmers may step into the code if required 
during development. My upcoming tasks include creating separate builds for 
32bit and 64bit machines.

I have implemented multiple export formats (vector) for results of SA utilizing 
GDAL/ OGR. I have been involved in development of tools for reading/writing 
vector data using GDAL/OGR and also using C# wrapper giving me experience in 
both C++ and C# (SDE, SHP and PGDB formats in particular). E.g. Export SA 
assessment as Shapefile, Read SDE data source as factor for SA, Read PGDB data 
source as factor in SA, etc... I recently fixed a bug in ogrsdedatasource.cpp 
which would cause a failure to return a particular layer if SDE version is 

Also, I am involved in multiple tasks relating GDAL/OGR with other Team members 
that include KML Super Overlay driver and supporting date query in SHP files.

Harsh and SPADAC have been contributing fixes through me and Trac and now have
several substantial improvements including a new KML Super Overlay driver they
would like to contribute.  I have suggested that Harsh become a committer so
that SPADAC can more directly contribute improvements.

I'll let Harsh confirm to the mailing list that he is prepared to adhere to
the RFC 3 GDAL Committer Guidelines.

Best regards,
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