[gdal-dev] Shapefile to Arc/info ascii

Jonas Malmqvist jonas.malmqvist at fsdynamics.se
Thu Sep 3 10:30:56 EDT 2009

Hi all,
I've been looking around in your mailing list searching for a way to 
convert a vector shapefile to a raster Arc/Info ascii format but haven't 
found any applicable example. It seems like rasterize could be a 
solution in the GDAL library but I don't get how.  The steps I'm aiming 
to perform are the ones below, can  GDAL do that?

*Put together a mosaic of several shape files into one single shape file.
*Crop a rectangular area of the new shape file.
*Rasterize the new shapefile file (all shapes should be used) with a 
specific resolution in x and y and specify which attribute column that 
should be rasterized.

Thank you,
Jonas Malmqvist

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