[gdal-dev] Re: Shapefile to Arc/info ascii

Hermann Peifer peifer at gmx.eu
Thu Sep 3 11:41:41 EDT 2009

Jonas Malmqvist wrote:
> *Put together a mosaic of several shape files into one single shape file.

(see the example at the bottom of the page)

> *Crop a rectangular area of the new shape file.
> *Rasterize the new shapefile file (all shapes should be used) with a 
> specific resolution in x and y and specify which attribute column that 
> should be rasterized.

Create a blank raster file in the desired extents and resolution, e.g. 
via gdal_translate, see 

Finally: gdal_rasterize -a ...
see http://www.gdal.org/gdal_rasterize.html


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