[gdal-dev] Seek error accessing TIFF directory

Matt Bartolome mattxbart at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 12:55:04 EDT 2009

Hello list,

I just compiled gdal 1.6.2 on my fedora 10 box from source. I'm in the
process of evaluating some 2009 imagery in geotiff format. I've tried
compiling with external libs and internal options with the same

# ./configure --with-libtiff=internal --with-geotiff=internal

When processing the tiff with mapnik rendering library I get:
UserWarning: TIFFReadDirectory [myfile].tif  Seek error accessing TIFF
directory (encountered during parsing of layer 'imagery')

I'm not sure what function of gdal is being called by mapnik but
things like gdalinfo, gdalwarp seem to work without any issues its
just when rendering a tile with mapnik.

When I compile against gdal version 1.5.3 (package install with fedora
10) everything seems to work as expected.

Any suggestions or is this a bug in the newer version?

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