[gdal-dev] Missing msvcr80.dll ?

Martin Chapman chapmanm at pixia.com
Sat Sep 5 17:22:34 EDT 2009


I agree.  MD is what I always use.  Once you figure out the manifest stuff
things become easier.  On another note, I was checking out the GD lib
homepage a few weeks ago and ended up looking at your home page.  Those
cliffs near the water where you rock climb look awesome!  I live in Colorado
and use to climb a lot when I was younger.  Really cool pics!


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Stefan Moebius wrote:
> Another solution for avoiding pain for users is to link msvcrt
> statically. For this you need to change the compiler switch /MD into /MT
> (/MDd to /MTd for debug).

In the world of Windows OS, DLL is the preferred option.
Static linking to C/C++ run-time can cause more problems than it helps.
Check the Caution paragraph:


> Note that if you link against external
> libraries (like geos, proj4, etc.), you need to recompile those too with
> the same change.

That's exactly the evil of static linking. Users would need to recompile
all components of their software.

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