[gdal-dev] Re: Thanks: Missing msvcr80.dll ?

Tamas Szekeres szekerest at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 16:30:40 EDT 2009

2009/9/7 Martin Hvidberg <Martin at hvidberg.net>

> That is very definitely a problem: "GDAL only work if you also install
> FWtools". I hardly think that was the intention when moving maintainense
> over from Frank to OSgeo.

If FWTools is working then why don't you pick all the files from FWTools
instead of gdalwin32?

> I'm not sure what you mean by 'dosn't contain python bindings'. I'm not an
> expert on 'bindings'. But you are right that it is normal to have some files
> in the Python '\lib\site-packages\' in order for things to work.
The package should at least contain the .py and .pyd files compiled along
with the gdal binaries.

> What GDAL would you recommend that is not 'pretty old' and 'not well
> maintained', if not the one found on the official GDAL web site.
We indend to collect all of the possibilities in the following wiki page:

It depends on your needs which package is the most appropriate to you. You
may require binaries either from the stable releases, SVN stable branches or
the deveopment versions Win32 or Win64, which drivers included etc.
I've just tried to summarize the key differences/similarities of the Windows
package versions in the following table (apologies if something is not

Package             Update frequency         corresponding version
                     platform               Compiler
SDK available             maintainer

1. FWTools               1-2 months              SVN
development(trunk)                  Win32
MSVC2003                       yes (???)                 Frank Warmerdam

2. OSGeo4w             stable releases      stable releases/development
          Win32                 MSVC2003                       yes  (???)
              Frank Warmerdam / Howard Butler

3. Geoinformatica      ???
???                                                     Win32
   MinGW                              ???                          Ari Jolma

4. ms4w                     releases
releases(stable/beta/rc)                   Win32
MSVC2008                       yes (buildkit)           Jeff McKenna (DM

5. Tamas's binaries   daily                       SVN (development and
stable)       Win32/Win64      MSVC2003/2005/2008    yes
Tamas Szekeres

6. gdalwin32              ???
???                                                    Win32
mixed                                  no                            ???

It would be much more difficult to enumerate which drivers/bindings are
available in which packages.

Best regards,

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