SV: [gdal-dev] PostgreSQL, PostGIS and ogr2ogr

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Tue Sep 8 07:50:09 EDT 2009

A small follow-up. As I stated previously, the '--config PGCLIENTENCODING format' didn't help me. But calling 'SET PGCLIENTENCODING=LATIN1' before the call to ogr2ogr, did do the trick. Thus my shape file character encoding probably is LATIN1. 

Do you have any idea of how to get the '--config' method to work?

Regards, Casper

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Emne: SV: [gdal-dev] PostgreSQL, PostGIS and ogr2ogr

Okay and thank you for your answers! 

Since using the '--config PGCLIENTENCODING format' option didn't make a difference, my next guess is that the encoding of the shapefile might be the problem. I have used SQL_ASCII, LATIN1, LATIN9, WIN1250, WIN1252 as formats and I still get the error. The formats has been selected according to my location (Denmark).

Do you have any suggestions to how I should proceed?

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Selon Casper Børgesen <cbo at>:

I'm not sure about options='-c client_encoding=latin1', but setting
PGCLIENTENCODING=LATIN1 instead as an environmnent variable/configuration option should definitely work (provided that the source shape is effectively LATIN1

ogr2ogr --config PGCLIENTENCODING LATIN1 -f PostgreSQL PG:"host=localhost user=username dbname=dbname password=password" sourcefile

> Hi folks!
> I hope you can help me. I have searched google for answers, but 
> haven't found any. So I thought going closer to the 'source' might help me.
> In my organisation, we work with various GIS data in different file formats.
> I have a project, where I need to put all these data into a PostGIS database.
> So far I'm using the command line tool ogr2ogr to inject the data. But 
> I have problems with character encoding:
> ERROR 1: INSERT command for new feature failed.
> ERROR: invalid byte sequence for encoding "UTF8": 0xf8
> HINT: This error can also happen if the byte sequence does not match 
> the encoding expected by the server, which is controlled by "client_encoding".
> My PostGIS database uses UTF-8 and the data I'm working with (shape) 
> is probably Latin1 encoded.
> I found a discussion where a user suggests that the solution might be 
> to do the following:
> ogr2ogr -f PostgreSQL PG:"host=localhost user=username dbname=dbname 
> password=password options='-c client_encoding=latin1'" sourcefile;
> It does not seem to affect the injection. So, what am I doing wrong?
> Kind regards, Casper

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