AW: [gdal-dev] Shape files 3D -> 2D

Christoph Dohmen christoph.dohmen at
Wed Sep 9 02:16:36 EDT 2009

> You're not very explicit about what you want to do. From the tile, I guess 
> you want to get rid of the Z coordinate of the geometry to produce 2D only
> geometries ?

Okay, sorry, I will describe it with more detail.

I have a shape file where ogrinfo reports it is a "Geometry: 3D Line String".
Each object is reported as "LINESTRING" with x-, y- and z-value.
If I use "-nlt LINESTRING" I get a file where ogrinfo reports that the file
is a "Geometry: Line String" and the elements are "LINESTRING" with
only a x- and y-value.
If I try the "-lco SHPT=ARC" option, it's the same.
But, if I iterate over those files in my application and query the
geometry to get the geometry-type via "getGeometryType()" it reports
a "wkbGeometryCollection".

Any hints?

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