[gdal-dev] Problem In reading S-63 Chart

peio Elissalde peio at justmagic.com
Fri Sep 11 09:17:58 EDT 2009

Hello Vinod and Franck,

 > There is no support in GDAL/OGR for reading encrypted enc files (I  
 > S-63 is what is sometimes called S-ENC?).  My understanding is that  
it would
 > be hard to do this in open source software since the folks  
responsible are
 > very particular about who they provide decryption keys to.
Actually, SENC stands for System ENC.
SENC are the internal chart database proprietary formats created by  
the different developers of ECS (Electronic Chart System) or ECDIS  
(Electronic Chart Display and Information System) software  
applications from decrypted ENC files which can be in non protected  
s-57 open exchange format (used by NOAA) or in s-63 encrypted format,  
IHO (International Hydrographic Organization) Data Protection Scheme  
for the protection of ENC information by most of the other  
Hydrographic Services and distributed by Primar and IC-ENC.
It defines security constructs and operating procedures that must be  
followed to ensure that the data protection scheme is operated  
correctly and to provide specifications that allow participants to  
build compliant systems.
Regarding s-63 implementation, see :

Best regards

Peio Elissalde
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