[gdal-dev] How to improve gdal_rasterize perfomance?

Hermann Peifer peifer at gmx.eu
Thu Sep 17 04:31:36 EDT 2009

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> This sounds like a heap of processing that needs to be done.
> You can increase the chunk size on which gdal_rasterize operates by
> increasing the GDAL_CACHEMAX config option.  I would suggest sizing
> it to be roughly 1/3 of your machine RAM.
> eg.
> gdal_rasterize --config GDAL_CACHEMAX 600 ...
> would be appropriate on a machine with 2GB of RAM.
> Beyond that I can't think of much that might help.  The above basically
> reduces the number of passes needed through the vector data.  It is all
> processed once for each chunk of the raster that is processed.


Could the performance be improved by optimizing my blank tif: e.g. 
compressed or not, tiled or not?


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