[gdal-dev] Motion: Extend Maintenance Contract

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Mon Sep 21 14:12:28 EDT 2009

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Folks,
> Motion: Extend Chaitanya's maintenance contract to December 31st.
> ---
> Chaitanya has only billed $1224.00 during the planned maintenance period
> ending August 31st, 2009 out of available funding of $6000.00.  Chaitanya
> has indicate greater time availability and a wish to continue working as
> maintainer.  I would like to modify the existing contract to extend it
> till the end of December 2009, without modifying the other terms including
> the amount.  So basically giving Chaitanya another 4 months to bill work
> against the existing amount.


Daniel Morissette

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