[gdal-dev] OGRGeometry Distance

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Mon Sep 21 14:32:10 EDT 2009

Yilmaz Arslanoglu wrote:
> I wanted to compute the distance between two points,

you need to be clear by what you mean here: I suspect you mean:

"The shortest distance between two points following the surface of the 

In which case, what you are looking for is referred to as the geodesic 


To do this accurately (and you may not need much accuracy!) on an 
ellipsoid requires a fair bit of math. I don't know if it's built in to 
OGR or PROJ at this point, but there are a few libraries out that that 
do it, including Gerald I. Evenden's "geodesic" lib, which can be found 



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