[gdal-dev] Work report of Chaitanya kumar CH (Jul 18, 2009 to Sep 8, 2009)

Chaitanya kumar CH chaitanya.ch at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 13:00:59 EDT 2009


Please find the attached copy of my work report for the duration of
Jul 18, 2009 to Sep 8, 2009.


I will post my next report on 24th.

Best regards,
Chaitanya kumar CH.
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Jul 18, 2009 to Sep 8, 2009

#3083 Tested geos configuration with various permutations.

#3112 Fixed the 'pixel validity mask' issue in TSX COSAR driver with suggestions from petar.

#906 Tested NetCDF with a reportedly problematic dataset.

#2893 Researched on the NetCDF format.

#2857 Fixed the .xsd writer for date types and also added support for precision support for decimal data types.

#2852 OGR2OGR MySQL to Shapefile Truncating Decimal Places

#2930 Cleanup Win32 Compile Warnings

#2991 Applied the patch after some coding style adjustments and test it with various datasets.

#2798 Remove ESRI style spatial indexes from Shapefile on update via OGR. Prepared a patch. Still needs some debugging and testing. 

Chaitanya kumar CH
chaitanyach at gmail.com

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