[gdal-dev] How to use OGRField and what does its contents mean?

Randy randyqiuxy at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 24 08:01:48 EDT 2009

Hi everyone,

Sorry to interrupt you!

I¡¯m a new boy in OGR and s_57. I feel that there is no very explicit
introduction about OGR¡¯s details. Now, I don¡¯t know where should I use
OGRFiled since I don¡¯t understand its details such as Set¡¢Binary¡¢Date in
S_57. Anyone can explain it for me?  I read OGR¡¯s open source code, but it
doesn¡¯t seem like it gives us enough information and notation.

Besides that, anyone could tell me where I can find the more explicit
introduction about OGR, I mean almost each part of the OGR? 

Best regards,


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