[gdal-dev] ogr2ogr MapInfo Tab + Styling

Simon Greener simon at spatialdbadvisor.com
Tue Sep 29 20:57:39 EDT 2009


I am using ogr2ogr I would like to know how to use it to write styling information to the MapInfo TAB files it generates.

Scenario: I am trying to create a styled MapInfo tab file from an Oracle Spatial database. I don't have the MAPINFO.MAPINFO_MAPCATALOG tables created or populated. But I can create views which have any column I like such as MI_STYLE or OGR_STYLE with the appropriate MapInfo styling (PEN etc) or OGR styling information. For example, I have done this:

drop   table australian_cities;
create table australian_cities (
   abbr      varchar2(10),
   city_name varchar2(100),
   geom      mdsys.sdo_geometry

insert into australian_cities values('ADL','Adelaide',mdsys.sdo_geometry('POINT(138.60 -34.93)',4326));
insert into australian_cities values('BNE','Brisbane',mdsys.sdo_geometry('POINT(153.02 -27.47)',4326));
insert into australian_cities values('CBR','Canberra',mdsys.sdo_geometry('POINT(149.13 -35.30)',4326));
insert into australian_cities values('DRW','Darwin',mdsys.sdo_geometry('POINT(130.83 -12.45)',4326));
insert into australian_cities values('HBA','Hobart',mdsys.sdo_geometry('POINT(147.32 -42.88)',4326));
insert into australian_cities values('MEL','Melbourne',mdsys.sdo_geometry('POINT(144.97 -37.82)',4326));
insert into australian_cities values('PER','Perth',mdsys.sdo_geometry('POINT(115.85 -31.95)',4326));
insert into australian_cities values('SYD','Sydney',mdsys.sdo_geometry('POINT(151.20 -33.87)',4326));

select ac.geom.Get_WKB() from australian_cities ac;

create or replace view vw_australian_cities
select rownum as rid,
        a.abbr as abbreviation,
        a.geom.Get_WKB() as geom,
        CAST('SYMBOL(c:#00FF00,id:''points.sym-45,ogr-sym-' || to_char(rownum + 6) || ''')' as varchar2(255)) as OGR_STYLE
   from australian_cities a;

select * from vw_australian_cities;

Notice that I have create a view an OGR_STYLE column that is varchar(255) as in "2.9 Using OGR SQL to transfer the style between the data sources"
in http://www.gdal.org/ogr/ogr_feature_style.html

Yet when I use ogr2ogr to create the tab file the per-row styling is ignored.

Anyone able to help me?

I would be happy to start with ogr2ogr being able to write a dataset level (not per row) style for all records in the tab file and build up.

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