[gdal-dev] Looking for libecwj2.dll Win-64Bit version

Paul Meems bontepaarden at gmail.com
Wed Sep 30 03:07:32 EDT 2009

Hi all,

We're using GDAL and libecwj2.dll in our application: MapWindow GIS (
I'm trying to compile a Win-64Bit version of MapWindow. To do that I need to
compile all supporting libraries to Win-64Bit version as well.
GDAL is compiling great, except when using libecwj2.dll. Because I can 't
compile the libecwj2 library for Win-64Bit.
In some of the header files is stated when compiling to a 64-Bit version
raise an error.

Of course I've been looking for a solution using Google and such but haven't
found any.

Does anybody have compiled the libecwj2 library for Win-64Bit and willing to
share either the steps to reproduce or send me the lib file?

BTW. I'm compiling using VS2008sp1 Pro


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