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Sorry, I didn't get the problem. if you want to use java and gdal lib, here is a link to download

ÔÚ2010-03-31 23:28:51£¬"GongYing Hsu" <gongyinghsu at gmail.com> дµÀ£º

Thank you,but I have a problem when I do the step 7 of http://trac.osgeo.org/gdal/wiki/GdalOgrInJava

7. Compile GDAL's Java bindings

a. Run MSVC's vcvars32.bat 

b. In <gdal-dir>\swig\java, edit the java.opt file pointing it to your correct JDK and ant locations. 

c. In <gdal-dir>\swig, run "nmake -f makefile.vc java". 

It got some error,and I took the error as a picture in the attachment.

Could you teach me how to solve it???

Thank you very much.


zeng <xiaoxxcool at 163.com> ì¶ 2010Äê3ÔÂ31ÈÕÏÂÎç11:06 Œ‘µÀ£º
if you are using windows, put all the *.dll files to $JAVA_HOME/bin/, gdal.jar to $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/ext/, and add $JAVA_HOME/bin to your system path. It will work.

ÔÚ2010-03-31 14:25:31£¬"GongYing Hsu" <gongyinghsu at gmail.com> дµÀ£º 

Excuse me! 
Is there has any tutorial about GDAL for JAVA?
What I use is JDK 1.6 and gdal1.7.1. So how do I set up the GDAL for JAVA??
Thank you very much.

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