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weixj2003ld weixj2003ld at 163.com
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Thk u for your reply.
I read the tuorail.but I think that will not satisfy my need.
I want to create a .png file,and it only contains height data and not contains metadata, a coordinate system, a georeferencing transform, size of raster and various other information,I find that the Create() and CreateCopy(). is will create a file that contains all the things.
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Please refer to http://www.gdal.org/gdal_tutorial.html

2010/4/6 weixj2003ld <weixj2003ld at 163.com>

I read data from a DEM file, and want to create a .png .Now I have read data, but I do not know how to create a png file that contains the height map value of each point from the DEM file.
Thk u.

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