[gdal-dev] ogr2ogr BeTA2007 grid

Tilo Villwock tilovillwock at gmx.de
Mon Apr 12 07:47:44 EDT 2010


I am trying to reproject some shapefiles from GKPD83 to ETRS89/UTM with ogr2ogr. I am using the nadgrids option to specify the custom transformation grid (BeTA2007.gsd), but for some reason it is being ignored during the process.

Now I know from previous posts on this list that I am supposed to add the +wktext option to workaround the issue of the nadgrids option being dropped during the internal conversion to WKT format. It however doesn't seem to work, as the results are identical with and without the gridfile.

I am working on Windows 2000 and the command I am using looks like this:

ogr2ogr -s_srs "EPSG:3396 +nadgrids=BETA2007.gsb +wktext" t_srs EPSG:25832 target_shapefile.shp source_shapefile.shp

I am executing this from the directory of the grid file and I discovered on various posts that some use the nadgrids-option like this:


I think however this a UNIX specific file system convention and shouldn't be an issue in Windows, right?

I am thankful for any suggestions.

Best regards,

Tilo Villwock
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