[gdal-dev] transform PostGIS geometries with control points, like gdalwarp -gcp

Jan Hartmann j.l.h.hartmann at uva.nl
Mon Apr 19 05:58:30 EDT 2010

(Sorry for cross-posting, this is about both Gdal and PostGIS)

Hi all,

Would it be possible / make sense to add a procedure to PostGIS to 
transform geometries based on control points? We now have the base 
transforms: scale rotate and translate, and IMHO it would not be very 
complicated to add a transform based on two sets of control points, one 
for the source and one for the target projection. Code could be derived 
from the gcp-based transformations in GDAL, although I have no idea how 
difficult it would be to integrate those algorithms into the PostGIS 
codebase. It's something I really need for my work with historical maps, 
so if it is doable and fits into the PostGIS "philosophy", I could try 
to find funding for it. I use the gdal routines a lot for raster maps, 
and it would be really helpful to be able to do the same with vector maps.


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