[gdal-dev] seeking suggestions for pixel arithemtic programs

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Tue Apr 20 12:34:15 EDT 2010

Mark Phillips wrote:
> the corresponding pixels in the input files.  For example,
>   derived_file_pixel(i,j) = average of pixel(i,j) for each input file
> I'd like to set up a system for creating these derived files that makes 
> it easy to change the particular function (for example, compute the sum 
> instead of the average, or compute a difference, or a weighted average, 
> etc etc), and easy to change the set of input files.
> it looks like that 
> would involve writing a program, either in C or in python.  I can do 
> that, but ultimately I'd like to set things up so that my
> non-programmer colleagues can change the pixel function and generate new 
> derived files without having to get me to write a new program.

It would be pretty easy to write a python program that used a pixel 
function defined in its own file, so your colleagues would only have to 
make a new one of those and run it again -- and python is about as easy 
a way to express a function like that as any.


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